Broccoli Egg Soup | Ingredients | Benefits

‎Having a good face is what many women have always wanted. After all, with a good face, the self-confidence of the whole person will improve a lot. With a confident woman, the whole temperament will also improve, so women will want to have good looks.

Broccoli Egg Soup


  • 100G broccoli
  • 50G pigeon eggs
  • Ginger slices
  • Green onions each amount

Production method:

1. Wash the shell of the pigeon eggs, then put it in a pot and add water to cook. After cooking, remove it and set aside to cool. When not hot, peel off the shell and leave the eggs for later use.

2. While waiting for the eggs to be cooked, you can process the broccoli, clean it, and cut it into small flowers with a knife for later use.

3. Wash the pot on the stove, add cooking oil when the pot is hot, add ginger slices and stir fry, then pour broccoli and continue frying for more than ten seconds. After adding water, also put the peeled pigeon eggs and directly boil.

4. Finally, after the ingredients are cooked, add salt and drizzle the sesame oil to the pan. Afterwards, sprinkle the green onions and it will look better.

Benefits of Broccoli Egg Soup

Moderate consumption of pigeon eggs can increase the ability of human skin to fight damage. Soup with broccoli with anti-oxidant function will double the beauty effect.

Third, different foods have different beauty effects.

1. If you want smooth skin, you need to eat potato,

Which is what people call sweet potatoes. The reason why eating sweet potatoes can keep skin smooth is because it contains mucin and various enzymes. In the presence of the cell, the cellular functional activity can be enhanced to make the skin better. Moreover, it is known that sweet potato has an effect of improving constipation, and further has an effect of improving rough skin caused by constipation. Therefore, you may wish to steam more sweet potatoes for consumption.

2. If you want to keep your face shiny, eat lotus root.

This vegetable contains a lot of minerals and vitamin C. If you eat it regularly, it can promote body renewal, help the skin to discharge garbage, and make your skin shiny. Therefore, lotus root is also a good beauty food, usually fried some lotus root to eat. Or it can be eaten with stew soup such as lotus seeds or ribs. The skin-care effect is quite good.

3. If you want to remove acne on your face, eat apples.

Eating apples can help you get acne. That is because eating it can promote the renewal of the body, and then help to expel toxins from your body, making your skin rosy and delicate. Many of these women develop acne because of excessive accumulation of skin toxins. Therefore, eating apples to expel toxins will gradually reduce the acne on the face.

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