How to cook sirloin stew with burdock won’t bite

Introduction to the Recipe The nutritional value of beef is very high, it is rich in protein, but the fat content is very low. It is a kind of meat that is good for your health. Beef also contains rich trace elements. If you eat it regularly, you will not …

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What to do if the humidity is too heavy

catfish soup

Introduction to the recipe Anchovies can be combined with white tofu to make anchovy tofu soup. Consumption can replenish the body’s moisture, nourish the skin, and nourish the spleen and stomach, eliminating the moisture. Ingredients Two medium big catfish two pieces of white tofu one piece of ginger 5 dime …

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How to make Preserved Egg Tofu

Preserved Egg Tofu

Egg Tofu Preserved eggs are also called “eggs” and “songhua eggs”. Preserved eggs are pickled with lime, wood ash, and salt. They have a strong smell and a strong alkaline taste. When I was a kid, when I ate preserved eggs, my mother would never peel the shell and give …

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How to make Turtle Soup Recipes

turtle soup

Introduction to the recipe How to make soft-shelled turtles delicious: To make soft-shelled turtles delicious, you must thoroughly remove the soft-shelled turtle’s blood, and then boil it in boiling water. Use a steel wire ball to wipe off the black clothes, and then put it in the water to clean …

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Can apple cider vinegar be beauty at home?

Introduction to the recipe Sweet and sour apple cider vinegar is always very popular. It is a common type of fruit vinegar. Apple, vinegar, and rock sugar are the main ingredients. However, most apple cider vinegars on the market are drinks, and the quality is also of varying quality. Real …

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How to marinate sour beans

Introduction to the recipe Sour bean curd is an appetizing snack made by using peas as the main ingredient and various ingredients. It is indispensable. Today we will take a look at the pickling method of sour beans, and learn about the practice of sour beans. Ingredients 200 grams of …

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How to cook Tofu with Loofah

tofu with loofah

Introduction to the recipe The loofah is sweet and flat, clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and detoxifying, the loofah stewed with tofu, the meat is fresh and tender, and the taste is delicious! Material 2 loofahs 2 pieces of tender tofu Appropriate amount of fungus Garlic Dried Peppers Shallots …

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How does the Shrimp Line pick the White Line

As a side branch of the shrimp family, Pippi shrimp was also shot: not long ago, a small video of a circle of friends claimed that the pippi shrimp they bought was filled with glue, and it was later proved that the so-called “glue” was actually pippi Shrimps of shrimp. …

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