How does the Shrimp Line pick the White Line

As a side branch of the shrimp family, Pippi shrimp was also shot: not long ago, a small video of a circle of friends claimed that the pippi shrimp they bought was filled with glue, and it was later proved that the so-called “glue” was actually pippi Shrimps of shrimp.

So is this white parasite a deliberate frame, or is it true?

White line is parasite? Expert: Think too much!

The fisheries expert broke the answer in one sentence: Actually, these two white lines are not parasites, but the testis of male shrimp.

Generally, the immature testis is colorless and transparent, and it is milky white when mature. It can be said to be equivalent to crab crab paste, which is rich in cholesterol and protein.

This white line is not only for prawns, but also for Pippi shrimp, and also for lobsters. It is also thicker, and it is impossible to be a parasite at all.

In addition, the possibility of parasites in shrimp is not high because:

  • Parasites generally have an infection rate, which means that not all of them will be infected, and it is difficult to take one with a certain bug;
  • The spread image shows that this “bug” seems to be very soft, and it was broken during the process of picking it out with a toothpick, which is not consistent with common sense;
  • In the breeding environment, if there are so many parasites, the health status of the shrimp will be very poor.
  • If farmers do not want to lose their money, they will certainly find ways to control. Therefore, from an economic perspective, such a severe parasitic infection will not occur.

Keep these tips for eating shrimp at ease!

One trick to identify fresh crayfish

How to identify whether the crayfish eaten in a restaurant is live or dead? Judging by the shape of the crayfish after they are cooked: If the tail of the lobster is found to be straight, then these lobsters are dead shrimps. Do not eat them. If it is crooked and curled up, it means that it is live shrimp and can be eaten. Crayfish should not be fried quickly. If the cooking time is not enough, the parasites in the crayfish cannot be completely killed, which is not good for the body. In addition, crawfish heads are prone to accumulate heavy metals and bacteria, so it is best not to eat them.

Pinch your stomach

According to experts, after the death of aquatic products such as shrimps, the abdominal cavity and body parts will become soft. If the belly is particularly bulging and pinch is hard, you must be careful to be “glueed”. When cooking, you can cut along the abdominal cavity and observe whether the transparent gelatinous substance flows out of the shrimp body, especially the head connection part. In addition, if you find that aquatic products produce odors and the gums are not easy to dissolve during cooking, you may add harmful industrial gelatin. Do not eat them.

If the shrimp is a little smaller, you can eat it with a shell. The calcium content in the shrimp shell is higher, but the calcium is not easily absorbed by the human body, but it can slightly play a role in calcium supplementation.

Arctic shrimp blackheads are fine

Experts say that blackened or even shedding of cooked shrimp may be a sign of staleness, but this is not the case for wild arctic shrimp. Arctic shrimp “blackheads” are normal.

When people salvage Arctic shrimp, they pull the shrimp up from the ocean floor with a large trawl. A sudden change in atmospheric pressure may cause the stomach to rupture. The stomach of the Arctic shrimp grows on the head, plus its transparent shell. The brown plankton or algae spread, and the head looks black. Furthermore, female Arctic shrimp in the spawning period sometimes have mature shrimp seeds in the ovary and a faint dark green on the head. These may be the reasons for the “blackheads” of Arctic shrimp. Consuming this “blackhead” shrimp is not harmful to the human body. If visually unacceptable, just remove the shrimp head.

However, for prawns such as prawns, if they have become blackheads, it is best not to buy or eat them. In short, although it’s not easy to eat comfortably, don’t forget to develop a pair of bright eyes that discern rumors ~

How to choose shrimp line

Toothpick pick

It can be said that the best way to remove shrimp floss is to use dental floss. Experts especially remind people who are not particular about diet, they must remove the shrimp floss before eating shrimp. Otherwise, it will not only easily cause symptoms such as diarrhea, but also severe cases. Food poisoning may occur. The method of using a practical toothpick to remove shrimp lines is very simple.

It only needs to use a toothpick to pass between the penultimate section and the penultimate section of the shrimp body, and then pick the shrimp line upward.

This time is not finished, because the shrimp thread is not completely removed at this time, so after picking the shrimp thread with a toothpick, you should pinch the disconnected thread and then completely pull out the shrimp thread so that you can eat it with confidence. .

Live stripping

Many people like to cook shrimp before they go to shrimp line, but this method is the most inconvenient. Usually, the best way to get the shrimp line fast is to peel it alive. It may sound bloody, but it’s not the case. The so-called live peeling refers to holding the live shrimp around the neck, and then pulling the head and the shrimp line together. In this way, the shrimp line on the back of the shrimp can be completely removed in the shortest time.

It can be said that the shrimp is the easiest to go to the shrimp line when it is raw. This method does not require the back of the knife to be cut, and then the decapitated shrimp is boiled in boiling water for 1 to 2 minutes until the shell turns red. At this time, the purpose is not to cook it, but to harden its shell so that it is easy to remove the shrimp shell.

Lobster head

There are many ways to get shrimp line in life, and there is another method that is also very simple and effective. Generally there is a raised thorn in the middle of the shrimp head. At this time, you only need to cut a mouth with scissors at the stabbed position, and then use the plane of the scissors to pick out the entire brain.

At this time, the shrimp line will be pulled out.

This method can not only go to the shrimp line easily, but also keep the whole shrimp intact, so some people who have perfect requirements for doing things may wish to try this method.

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