Pig’s Feet Corn Soup | Ingredients | Benefits for skin

Women need to continuously improve on three things: knowledge, health and beauty. Women today are very beautiful, strong, very smart and talented. They take care of everything at work and family, but never forget to take care of themselves.

You know, when you are both beautiful and talented, you have the whole world! Don’t just take care of your work, but forget that you are a woman. Women have to be beautiful.

Beauty not only makes you stand out and makes your steps easy, but it is also a way to show how much you love yourself.

In order to maintain a good face and stay forever, it is recommended to adhere to diet, these reliable recipes for beauty, women should learn to make. Here are some recipes for the housewife network to take a look at.

Pig’s Feet Corn Soup


  • 2 fresh corns
  • 1 pig’s feet
  • 1 star anise
  • Pepper
  • Ginger
  • Cooking wine
  • Soy Sauce (preferably old soy sauce)
  • Chicken Essence

Production method:

1. Peel off the outer skin of fresh corn, remove the corn whisker, remove the corn cob, wash it, and cut into small pieces for later use.

2. Then scrape off the remaining pig hair on the pig’s feet, rinse it and chop it into small pieces for later use.

3. After that, wash the ginger and slice it, cut the pepper and cut into pieces, and set them aside for later use.

4. Then wash the pot on the fire, heat the oil, and pour ginger slices, pepper cubes, star anise, and the right amount of cooking wine and stir-fry when the pot is hot. After the fragrance comes out, add pork feet and soy sauce to stir fry.

5. After that, add an appropriate amount of boiling water, and add corn and stew for half an hour to season with salt and chicken essence.

Benefits Pig’s Feet Corn Soup

Pork trotters are rich in collagen. Supplementing this substance to the body can keep the skin elastic. It is one of the most common beauty foods in daily life. Therefore, drinking some pig’s foot soup properly on weekdays has a good effect on beauty.

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